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I can get anyone profitable

I’ll coach you and show you first hand!

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Why are we doing this?

The internet is filled with tons of fake gurus who flash their Lamborghinis, stacks of cash, and rented mansions. But they're not real traders...they're selling dreams.


Whether it's trading in forex, crypto or overnight 'get-rich-quick trading systems', it's all a facade.

The truth is, in order to be successful in the markets, you need to start on the right foot in order to have the best opportunity to be profitable.

Through my trading courses over the years, I have coached many people who have seen consistent real results and have changed their lives. Now we are giving you the same opportunity to get started!

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Introducing The
FX Accelerator Course

While many forex courses focus on abstract theories or basic chart-based strategies, FX Accelerator offers a thorough and practical guide to trading currencies profitably in real-world markets.


With over a decade of experience as a successful FX trader, international speaker and coach, Jin shares the precise strategies and tactics that have led to consistent profits in the forex arena.

FX Accelerator equips investors with the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term financial success in the forex market. The course builds progressively, starting from foundational concepts and advancing through profitable and easy-to-follow strategy.


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, FX Accelerator delivers the insights needed to trade with confidence and expertise.

This Essential Course Provides:


  • An expert's perspective on the key drivers of currency price movements.

  • Clear instructions on integrating macro fundamentals, technical analysis, and robust risk management to achieve trading success.

  • Practical techniques and setups designed to generate profits in the forex market.

  • Strategies to enhance self-awareness, improve trading psychology, and maintain discipline.

What You Will Get

E-Book (Foundational Blueprint)

Simple Trading Strategy

Coaching Video

Other Bonuses

If you are unsure, join my free 14-Day email series to...

All I ask is that you sign up, go through the material and execute the trades!

Who is this for?

Wondering if you should get started with my trading strategy?


If any of the following describe you, the answer is YES...

  • Confused and new to trading

  • Looking for a short cut

  • Trading but not profitable

  • Experienced but not consistent

  • Want to build a 2nd income

  • Looking to become a full time trader


JinDao Tai is a distinguished figure in the financial trading sector. Jin has crafted a unique approach to trading that integrates comprehensive education, strategic portfolio management, and advanced market analysis. An acclaimed forex coach and international speaker, Jin has been featured in major financial media outlets and his expertise extends to providing detailed market insights and effective trading strategies, making him a leading voice in the financial community.


I've coached thousands of people over the years, and a lot of them end up being more than just clients. I'm willing to coach you through your first strategy, so you can join our community of traders, and go on to become my next success story!

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