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My Secret Formula to become a Full-Time Trader...

REVEALED: The Exact Strategies I Use
To Profitable Trading and Sustainable Growth to Expand My Seven-Figure Portfolio.

The trading strategies I used everday to trade my million dollar account.

The Exact Strategy I've Used For Years

Who is Jin

& Why should you care?


Jin Dao has been a forex trader for over 21+ years now. And in the last 8 years, he’s become one of the industry’s most recognizable experts.

His accomplishments speak for themselves. In just a 3 year window he...

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Jin Dao Has Been Featured On


WikiFX Industry Influencer of the Year (2023)

Echofin Best Education Community (2021) 

CorporateLiveWire Forex Education Service of the Year (2020)

WikiExpo Most Popular FX Trainer (2019)

Industry Influence & Speaking

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I've Been A Trader For 21 Years...

NOTHING helped me scale my trading account more than this strategy that I am going to reveal to you.

REVEALED: Today, I’m Revealing To You Everything That I Know About Trading.

Getting Started - Redefine Your Foundation, Set the Tone for Success
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Ready to rewrite your trading story? It all starts with the "Getting Started" section, where you'll have the opportunity to re-learn your trading foundation and pave the way for lasting success. Here's what's in store:

  1. Basics: Master the fundamentals of trading, from terminology to trading styles. Perfect for beginners and those in need of a refresher.

  2. Foundations: Build a strong foundation in technical and fundamental analysis to read charts and understand market trends.

  3. Risk Management: Learn how to protect and grow your capital with strategies like setting stop-loss orders and managing risk-reward ratios.

  4. Psychology: Gain control over your trading mindset. Develop emotional discipline and focus under pressure.

Unlock these core pillars and take your first step towards trading mastery. Your journey begins here.

Strategies - Master the Core Trading Movements.
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In the trading world, simplicity is key. You don't need layers of indicators or convoluted strategies. What you need are the four fundamental movements, and that's it:

  1. Trend Following: Go with the flow of market trends. No need to layer up on indicators; this strategy keeps it straightforward.

  2. Counter-Trend: Swim against the current when the time is right. Complexity won't help; mastering counter-trend trading will.

  3. Breakout: Explosive gains come from precise timing, not stacks of indicators. Identify breakout points and seize the moment.

  4. News Trading: It's about information, not overcomplication. Stay ahead of the game by understanding how to navigate market-moving events.

Trading isn't about piling on indicators; it's about mastering these core movements. I'll teach you how to identify them easily, using simple technical analysis tools and basic indicators, to make your trade entries and exits crystal clear.

Trading - Navigate with Precision, Execute with Confidence
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Unlock the key pillars of successful trading with our hands-on "Trading" section. Here's what you'll conquer:

  1. Trade Management: You'll learn to secure gains, minimize losses, and confidently navigate open positions, ensuring you master risk control at every turn.

  2. Building a Trade Plan: Tailor a strategy that fits your style, embrace disciplined execution, and understand your unique constraints for a plan that stands the test of the market.

  3. Efficient Practice: Guides you through honing your skills via back testing, risk-free demo accounts, and a strategic approach to starting small, ensuring your growth is both deliberate and confident.

  4. Trading a Small Account: Cultivate the right mindset, persist for the long term, and learn to navigate the emotional dynamics of losses and gains, setting the stage for successful trading regardless of your account size.

Your journey to trading mastery begins with my guidance. To achieve the above, I will teach you how to navigate the markets with precision, execute with confidence, and master the art of trading. Let's embark on this journey together.

Building - Elevate Your Trading Journey
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In the "Building" phase, we focus on advancing your trading journey to new heights. Here's what you'll conquer:


  1. Reviewing Progress: Embark on a journey of self-discovery as we review your trading progress together. I'll guide you through analyzing your trades, identifying strengths, and addressing areas for improvement. This reflection is crucial for continual growth and refining your strategies.

  2. Building Confidence: Confidence is the cornerstone of successful trading. I'll share techniques to strengthen your self-assurance, helping you make decisive moves in the market. From conquering doubts to embracing calculated risks, building confidence is key to unlocking your full trading potential.

  3. Achieving Consistency: Consistency is the golden thread in the fabric of successful traders. Learn the art of maintaining a steady and reliable approach to your trades. I'll help you develop a routine, stick to your proven strategies, and navigate the inevitable market fluctuations with poise.

  4. Scaling Up: Ready to take your trading to the next level? Scaling up is an art, not a gamble. I'll guide you on strategically expanding your positions and risks as your confidence and consistency grow. It's about progression, not recklessness, ensuring sustainable success as you advance in your trading journey.

Building your skills is a continuous process, and in this phase, I'll be by your side, providing the insights and strategies needed to elevate your trading game. Let's review, build confidence, achieve consistency, and strategically scale up for lasting success in the dynamic world of trading. Your journey to trading mastery continues to evolve.

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