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Hi, Jin Dao Tai here.

Jin Dao Tai is a distinguished figure in the financial trading sector. Jin has crafted a unique approach to trading that integrates comprehensive education, strategic portfolio management, and advanced market analysis.


An acclaimed forex coach and international speaker, Jin has been featured in major financial media outlets and has educated thousands through his seminars and online courses.


His expertise extends to providing detailed market insights and effective trading strategies, making him a leading voice in the financial community.

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Jin the Thought Leader

Jin is an internationally recognized authority on the FX market, personal finance, financial motivation and trading strategies.

Learn Trading Dubai
Learn Trading Dubai


Jin has spoken on many platforms around the world, drawing on his experience in trading, analysis of the financial markets, and in coaching individuals through their trading journey.

Jin the Market Strategist

Jin is the founder of a multidimensional trading education firm at the intersection of finance, education, technology and media 

Daily Livestream on YouTube

Updates on the latest economic happenings 

Forecasting of news & data releases

Identifying intraday trade setups

Projecting potential price movements

Learn Trading Dubai
Learn Trading Dubai

Top Author on TradingView

Macroeconomic market analysis

Determining key levels of interest for price 

Identifying swing trade setups

Educational content

Awards over the years

Wiki Industry Influencer of the Year (2023)

EchoFin Best Education Community (2021) 

CorporateLiveWire Forex Education Service of the Year (2020)

WikiExpo Most Popular FX Trainer (2019)

Jin the Trading Coach

Jin has conducted trading courses online and in-person across various cities around the world, guiding individuals in understanding the financial markets better, developing bespoke trading strategies, and utilising enhanced and efficient tools, to create a secure secondary source of income.

Trade Better, Earn More
Enjoy a better lifestyle

Jin the Community Builder

Jin has fostered a vibrant trading community on Discord, where over a thousand members globally can share insights, discuss market trends, and collaborate on developing effective trading strategies. The community benefits through live discussions, Q&A sessions, and exclusive webinars. Don't navigate the markets alone, the supportive and collaborative nature of a trading community empowers traders of all levels to improve their skills and achieve their goals. Trade together, Thrive together!

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